To be a significant player in making India the Global leader in Ecommerce Space.



  1. To make Indian “Interior Products” business more efficient by bridging the knowledge gap between sellers and buyers through Online convenience and offering a Global reach for Indian manufacturers
  2. Create an environment for PAN India Clients to make sourcing of interior products "Easier, Pleasurable, Flexible & Informative" through our multivendor e-commerce portal.

Online Interior Products

About OIP - Online Interior Products

You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.

We are a group of online interior products enthusiasts who have been servicing the interiors product industry for many decades. Our group includes individuals and organisations operating in different market segments and having experience in working with various customer profiles in the interior industry.

There has virtually been an exponential growth in the availability of various products and services in this industry. There is a new material or product entering the market every other day. The changes are so fast that it is next to impossible for clients to keep pace with the changes in the industry.

OIP - Our Company

This company was created specifically to cater to this need. We believe that "Knowledge is Power" and thus the objective of OIP (Online Interior Products) is to create a platform where the clients which include Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Small Retailers, Institutional Clients, Individual Customers etc can have access to information on the latest products available in town.

The information available will not be just focused on price and availability as it is on other platforms but also on technical details, Installation procedure, various applications of the products, product limitations, competitive information etc. Thus with this platform we wish to “EMPOWER” our clients. We at OIP (Online Interior Products) is striving to offer to the interior industry and its clients a platform which will help them to make an “informed decision” about the product or service that they wish to purchase or avail by offering all details needed to make the “right decision” about the products available in town.

This is something that we want to give back to the industry that we have worked with for last very many decades. We are confident that this platform will enable our clients to choose products that best satisfies their “need” be it aesthetics, price, availability, technical, service level, specific application etc for their new residence / project as the case may be.