Frequently asked questions by Buyers

Interior product industry is an ever evolving industry with new products and varieties being added every other day. There are thousands of products with thousands of varieties available with thousands of sellers thus making it extremely difficult for buyers to understand the choices available to them and purchase the product that best suits their requirement.

Online interior products (OIP), is a common platform of all the sellers offering a wide range of products from different brands and price points thus offering the  buyer opportunity to view all the products that are available in the whole market and compare their quality, description and most importantly price at one go and select the products they want in the comfort of their office or Home.

  1. OIP is a common ( ecommerce ) platform for all the sellers of interior products and it is a virtual interior products exhibition, 24 x 7 throughout the year, wherein all sellers exhibit their products and buyers can meet them directly at the time and place of their convenience be it home or office !!!.
  2. Every month new products are launched by several leading companies but buyers are not aware of them until they see it installed much later. But in (OIP) we have the “New launches” section wherein the buyers can view the products on the day it is launched and will have opportunity to use them immediately



3.In Surplus stock / Bargain sales section of  (OIP), our buyers can get some products @ 25 % to 50 % lower than the market price.


Surplus stock / Bargain sales section showcases products, with any seller, which has not been sold over a period of time typically between 6 to 18 months. Surplus stock are QUALITY, BRAND NEW products but remain unsold for various other reasons which the seller wants to liquidate at very much lower prices than the market rate for the benefit of OIP buyers exclusively.

Products prices displayed are as set by the Seller and it is left to their discretion if they wish to vary ( reduce ) the prices.

Returns policies for purchases will vary from seller to seller. It is advisable to request the seller’s returns policy when you are purchasing the products

No - GST is not included in price displayed. Depending on the product you wish to buy GST shall be chargeable by the Seller.

Normally the seller will quote any shipping costs separately and add it to your invoice. Of course, this can be negotiated between you and the seller.

Yes, you will be notified by the seller of products availability through the email address you provide. You will be able to access all messages via your personal dashboard of OIP account.

Yes. We do not store credit card information nor do we share your data with any third parties. Please refer to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Please contact us and detail any problem which may have arisen in your dealings with the seller. We will investigate all queries and complaints.

Sellers will accept a range of secure methods of payment including, NEFT, credit cards, and PayPal and this this will vary from company to company. When you make contact with the seller to purchase the products, you can check the payment methods the seller accepts.

As outlined above, all sellers are legally registered companies most of whom are direct distributors of multinational companies. If you have any concerns or issues with a seller, or are having difficulty contacting them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All sellers are registered companies and most of whom are direct distributors of multinational brands.

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To enable us to provide a safe, supportive and efficient service to all who use OIP.